Monday, April 20, 2009

Swedish Fish as Fine Art

The beauty of a Swedish Fish has, perhaps, never been captured in as artistic a fashion as in Leanne Wildermuth's delectable oil painting of a lime flavored Swedish Fish. "Green Swedish Fish" is the sixth painting in Leanne's snack-themed "Eye Ate It" series, which also includes delicate renderings of favorites like the Sour Patch Kid and Green Jujyfruit.

Leanne also specializes in pet portraits and is giving away one free custom pet portrait each week of 2009. Just stop by her blog on Mondays and check out the "Call for Entries"!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dr. Seuss Prophesies the Coming of the Blueberry Swedish Fish

"One fish, two fish; red fish, blue fish." For years, the true meaning behind Dr. Seuss' famous aquatic tale lay dormant, disguised as a charming, poetic story for children. Then, in 2007, Flickr user Cinnamon uploaded a beautiful photograph of assorted Swedish Fish in a cup, noting in her caption, "One fish, two fish, Red fish, and I don't have a blue fish". Little did she know that she had unlocked the secrets behind an ancient mystery--Dr. Seuss had indeed predicted the colors of the Swedish Fish assorted pack, where one fish (yellow) + two fish (green and orange) + the red fish equaled the four assorted flavors.

As one of the first (if not the first) to conceptualize the blueberry Swedish Fish, I held the key to deciphering the final piece of the puzzle. As we can see now, the blueberry Swedish Fish is the final step in the flavor-value progression. First, the yellow fish is the "one fish" because it is the least popular flavor. Next, green and orange are grouped as "two fish" (the orange fish is not explicitly depicted, as this would have made Seuss' secret too transparent) for being equally tasty above the yellow fish, while the red fish bests all three as the current flavor champion. Interestingly, Dr. Seuss has foretold that the blueberry Swedish Fish will be the most delicious flavor.

"Some fish are old, some fish are new. Some fish are red, some fish are blue." This is a chronological statement; "old" correlates with the red fish, while "new" correlates with the blue fish.

Dr. Seuss has spoken! Join the campaign now and play a vital role in the creation of the most delicious Swedish Fish ever!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Candy Sushi: Sushi Your Swedish Fish!

Swedish Fish were irresistible enough out of the bag, but fans of Clare Crespo's "dessert sushi" recipe from The Secret Life of Food have taken these delicious candies to a new level. Swedish Fish sushi--totally smooth, right? Now you too can learn the intricacies of candy sushi! Blogger Windell shows you how to sushi your Swedish Fish, along with other candy, in this article at

An evening spent making candy sushi has now joined my list of unforgettable first dates, alongside eating romantic cereal by candlelight!

Join the Campaign with Exclusive Buttons!

My Custom RSS Buttons
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The campaign for blueberry Swedish Fish has begun! I've created the first wave of official, ultra-cool Swedish Fish Blue buttons, sized to the standard 80x15 for maximum compatibility. You'll also notice that my custom RSS feed buttons have been thrown in as well. Feel free to save them for your own use!

Now, you can show your love for Swedish Fish and join the quest for a new blueberry flavor at the same time! Simply choose your favorite flavor, copy the code, and paste it in your blog or profile. By using the code, your button will link back to this post so that others can get their own Swedish Fish Blue button. These are the first buttons I've ever designed--I hope you enjoy them and I appreciate your support!

Click once to automatically highlight the code, then copy it!

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Blueberry Fish
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Extinct Grape!

If you've posted one of my Swedish Fish buttons on your site and you'd like me to stop by, please send an e-mail to me, Qupid, at this address.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

When Swedish Fish Attack

Before today, I would have never thought it was possible to demonize Swedish Fish. To my surprise, I discovered the feat had been accomplished by none other than an accredited candy vendor in one of the least appealing sales pitches I have ever seen:

"These yummy fish swim upstream.... through saliva river! They would like to spawn in your tummy."

The imaginative people at "", operating out of Irwindale, California, are the proud authors of this gem. See the quote in its original context here. Perhaps someone at Candy Warehouse has watched the movie "Alien" one too many times. Thankfully, Swedish Fish are just so delicious that I'll be able to continue eating them without picturing my stomach being grossly violated as a breeding ground. Nice one, Candy Warehouse!