Monday, March 2, 2009

Join the Campaign with Exclusive Buttons!

My Custom RSS Buttons
(right click and "save as...")
The campaign for blueberry Swedish Fish has begun! I've created the first wave of official, ultra-cool Swedish Fish Blue buttons, sized to the standard 80x15 for maximum compatibility. You'll also notice that my custom RSS feed buttons have been thrown in as well. Feel free to save them for your own use!

Now, you can show your love for Swedish Fish and join the quest for a new blueberry flavor at the same time! Simply choose your favorite flavor, copy the code, and paste it in your blog or profile. By using the code, your button will link back to this post so that others can get their own Swedish Fish Blue button. These are the first buttons I've ever designed--I hope you enjoy them and I appreciate your support!

Click once to automatically highlight the code, then copy it!

SFB Badge
Blueberry Fish
Original Flavor
Green Flavor
Yellow Flavor
Orange Flavor
Extinct Grape!

If you've posted one of my Swedish Fish buttons on your site and you'd like me to stop by, please send an e-mail to me, Qupid, at this address.

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